This is a tale of transformation.

Not so long ago, in a galaxy not so far away, a little line embarked on a journey with a mission. The line dreamed of greatness and wanted to make its mark upon the world. She wanted to be proud, to be known, to be remembered. The line wanted to become a great story! Greatest ever told that was her mission. And it was very hard. She didn’t know how, no one has ever tried it before. “What’s to do?”, the little line asked herself… She realized that she needed help! How can a line become a story with no one to help? The little line was thinking, and then ate some of Milka’s strudel, and thought some more.

My gosh, she got it!


She thought of siblings, Nenad and Jovana, both working hard in the creative industry. She met them when they were just children, and now they’ve both grown up, still passionate about their work as they once were. Who’s better to help the little line, right? Right! Nenad and Jovana were asked for help but were warned it won’t be an easy task. Nonetheless, they accepted with joy! “Hooray!”, the line cheered. They still needed a plan so they made a deal: Nenad with his marketing experience and Jovana with her graphic design skills, both of them had a gift for creating great beauty. With their help, the line has been transformed into enchanting tales, beautiful illustrations, striking designs, and magical animations.


As time went by, other creatures from the galaxy took notice. Line and her team started doing all sorts of creative projects all over the marketing and digital community. The work was so rewarding, that they quickly realized their space station needed more people. First came Tole, then Irina, and then Miki.

The little line was ecstatic to be a part of this special group, so unique in the field of marketing, design, and illustration. The joy brought on by every project reflected on the clients, and the little line could not stop showing off her special creative agency to everyone. All the best creative content, best design, events, digital… she couldn’t stop… and then she realized: her mission was fulfilled.

And that is how a LINE became a STORY!