Companies select juniors, but seniors select companies.

If you want to attract true talent that will help your company grow, you need to ramp up your brand presence. You need to work with the best to attract the best.

The war for talent is real.

We don’t take your brand image lightly and that’s why we pack the big guns:

Employer branding backed with full-stack marketing support


External employer branding

Internal employer branding

External Employer Branding

Integrated inbound and outbound digital marketing campaign

  • Defining your brand presence
  • Designing your logo and visual identity
  • Web Development
  • Copywriting (Landing Pages, Video Scripts, About us, Career Pages, Blog posts)
  • PPC (Google, Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin Ads)
  • SEO (We use Ahrefs, SEMRush, Alexa Ranking, AnswerThePublic, Yoast, SurferSeo)
  • Omni-channel Social Media Management (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Snapchat)
  • Community Management (Forums, Social Media Groups, Quora, Reddit, etc.)
  • Talent Pipeline Strategy Setup
  • Analytics

Content Marketing Strategy & Creation

Social media posts and career pages actually attract candidates instead of repelling them.

Content creation that drives engagement across multiple channels (website, blog, Linkedin articles, Youtube) Blog posts, PR articles, Landing pages, Success stories, About us, Case studies, Podcast scripts, Vlog entries, Stories, Video Commercials, Presentations… you name it and we’ll create it.

Design, Animation, Photo & Video Production

Storytelling through visual media captivates your audience in an entirely different manner.

We’re always heavily invested in Creating your culture video, onboarding videos, team-building collateral, illustrated storyboards, brochures, and dynamic career pages.

Engagement Analytics & Conversion Rate Optimization

We track the metrics, do split testing, and optimize your funnel so that it converts the best of the best.

Developing dynamic talent pipelines is our specialty.

Outbound Marketing and Outreach Training

You need to adapt your communication, content, and tone of voice to your targeted talent pool and your clientele.

We create compelling campaigns that convey a clear idea of what your company is about and why working with you is a must.

  • Job descriptions
  • Social media ads
  • Email marketing campaign and newsletters
  • LinkedIn outreach campaign

Community Management

Community management is the part that most companies leave out -and that’s why they lose the race.

Never underestimate the importance of forums, social media groups, and the word of mouth. Employer rating websites could be your rising or your downfall.

We spread the good word across different platforms and make sure that your brand presence is immense and impeccable.

Event Management

Don’t forget that marketing goes beyond the internet!

You need to exist outside of the virtual domain and step out into the real world from time to time. That’s why we take your campaigns on the premise and cause some heads to turn. Organizing live events makes your audience feel alive and makes your brand tangible. Socializing releases happy hormones and makes a memorable experience for everyone included, whether they’re in your company or just watching from the outside.

We organize events for you, shoot everything and post it all over social media so that we get you under the spotlight where you’ll seem big. We also organize lead magnet events on social media:

  • Webinars
  • Quizzes
  • Polls
  • Competition & Games
  • Ask us anything sessions

External Perception Analysis

Analyzing the external focus groups, students, and employees from different markets.


Internal Employer Branding

Of course, outstanding marketing is just a part of the whole process.

You also have to organize your HR processes in the best possible way if you want to have loyal employees that will be your best brand ambassadors.

Remember that the most important factor in your talent acquisition and retention is the job satisfaction score.

Your internal communication, employee appreciation campaigns, and overall team engagement are what internal employer branding consists of.


Company Culture Workshops

We help your recruiters, managers, SDRs, and CSRs develop an impeccable culture that transforms your business into a happiness center. A happy employee is the most productive one. We’ll give you a company-culture framework that makes the following work like a charm:

  • Attracting talent
  • Employee engagement
  • Employee retention
  • Employee happiness
  • Team building
  • Project management (meetings, KPIs, micromanagement problems
  • Compensation and appreciation packages
  • Benefits
  • Vacations

Keep your team productive and engaged. Our data-driven approach to career and business development strengthens your brand and your corporate culture.

Internal Percepcion Analysis

We get insights into how your employees really feel about working in your company, why they like to go to work, what matters to them, and which changes they’d wish to see.

It may come off as an unpleasant truth, but most recruiters don’t have a clue what they’re doing and their candidate selection process repels the most talented candidates.

The best HR managers out there are often occupied with business ops to engage with their teams.

That’s why we train your HR staff to mediate between the C-level management and the employees.

The truth is that your company already has an Employer Brand, whether you worked on it or not…

It’s a small world and the rumors travel fast, especially on the internet…

So take the steering wheel while you can still control your course.

The research has shown that:

  • 75% of candidates check out companies’ online presence before applying for the offer
  • 55% of job seekers abandon applications after reading online negative reviews of the company
  • 45% of employers monitor those reviews
  • 50% of candidates say that they wouldn’t work for a company that has a bad rep – even if it meant higher pay
  • That number grows to 71% in the USA
  • 79% of people who quit their jobs say it’s due to a lack of appreciation

It seems that companies are left with two choices:

Either get your brand presence in line or settle for less.


People will surely talk so why not give them something good to talk about?

Let us tell your story and strengthen your brand!

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