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1. How do you measure results?

We monitor your social media engagement and interactions to measure external brand awareness.

Standard marketing analytics and KPIs can also be applied to employer branding campaigns. That’s why we use pixels to track warm leads and measure open rates, clickthrough rates, and bounce rates whenever we can.

When it comes to conversion rate optimization, we analyze the behavior of your visitors and split test our campaigns for maximum success.

Storyline aims to attract qualified candidates and decrease your cost per hire.

We also have experts that run offline research on how your audience (and your employees) perceive your brand.

We analyze your communication channels, and tone of voice and help you create an avatar and understand the way your ideal customer makes their choices so that the campaign is focused in the right direction.

We also take into account your employee referral rate, employee retention rate, offline and online reviews of your company, culture, values, and the overall job satisfaction rate in your company.

2. What’s the difference between employer branding and corporate branding?

The only difference is in the targeted audience. Corporate branding aims to attract partners and consumers, while employer brand is targeted at hiring and retaining staff.

Employer branding also improves the communication, culture, and productivity of your team.

Basically, your employer branding will significantly improve your corporate branding.

At Storyline, we focus on both.

3. What’s the difference between external and internal employer branding?

External employer branding is targeted at your communication to candidates who are not yet on your team and internal employer branding sets the SOP to engage and retain your current staff.

4. Do you give full support for the employer branding activities? Is it a done-for-you service or will we need to take part in your activities?

All we need from you is to provide us with access to your previous research and metrics (if you have them).

We’ll take it from there and provide you with full end-to-end support in terms of employer brand and marketing – every step of the way.

Of course, everyone in your team is welcome to take part in our activities if they want to. After all, everything that we do is meant to make your team feel special.

5. Is there a timeline or a framework that you adhere to?

We always start with EB Audit so that we can gain a deeper understanding of the client and his needs and expectations. We analyze your previous campaigns and metrics (if you have them).

It often happens that our clients haven’t defined their targeted audience and SOPs so we start from there.

After the audit, we analyze the results after which we outline campaigns, design, content, copy, and communication across various channels.

Then we start testing different strategies to find the one that provides the optimal results for your brand.

After that, we implement.

So we have:

  • EB Audit
  • EB Analysis (target audience, competitors, industry, tone of voice, brand identity, social media
    presence, internal relations, surveying teams and lookalike audience, etc.)
  • Setting up the SOP & Campaign Architecture
  • EB Campaign development
  • Testing
  • Implementation
  • Campaign evaluation

We do these in sprints that last two weeks each except for Development and Implementation which can take anywhere from 2 to 6 months depending on your needs.

Our strategies are custom-tailored to your requirements and we define the scope of the project after the audit.

6. I want to transform my employer/corporate brand. Where do I start?

You can start by scheduling a free consultation where we’ll estimate your business model, tell you whether we’re a good fit to cooperate and what you can expect from us.

You can schedule your free consultation here

You have nothing to lose and you can gain a lot!

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